Bespoke Wedding Flowers for Perth Brides

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You’re not a DIY bride, you want something so beautifully incredible, you can’t even quite picture it yet.


You want the best wedding flowers - beyond your wildest dreams. You want the room to laugh in flowers and for people to hold their breath for a moment when you walk down the aisle with what looks like heaven in your hands.

Bohemian, classic, vintage, coastal, glam, or country - it doesn’t matter your feel, I have a process that will capture your unique floral wishes and magic them into existence.


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...they come. And they go. What’s far more important? You.


What’s in your heart, what you’ve always wished for, what lights you up when you see them across the room.


This is what should be in your wedding flowers, on the lapel of the love of your life, the flowers that have blossomed from your vision.


I’ll expertly intertwine my experience and knowledge of floristry with what you’ve always wanted. And deliver everything you could have wanted, perfectly fresh, on the big day.


Beyond a posy, far more delightful than something you can purchase over email, these are one-of-a-kind bespoke wedding flowers for Perth’s most discerning bride.

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You and your love are meant to be, why is it important if we’re aligned too?


A wedding can be both an exciting and stressful time, and I want to ensure your experience with Green Vase Flowers is everything you ever wanted, and more. It’s so important we’re on the same page - after all - we’re in this together! You want to enjoy all the little, finer details, not get caught up in them.

Years of experience in this industry has helped me refine a process where I gather all the individual petals of ideas you have and bring them together in one delicious bouquet. I help you consider seasons, budgets, style, meaning, venue, lighting, and your bridal party to craft arrangements that are ‘you’ - right down to the last petal.

Ready to find out if we’re meant to be? Let me know a little bit about you and I’ll be in touch soon.

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